Thursday, March 16, 2006

10.2 CRS + X86_64 [PRKN-1008 : Unable to load the shared library "srvmhas10"

On 64bit linux, Startingvipca through at install time returns following error
PRKH-1010 : Unable to communicate with CRS services.
[PRKH-1000 : Unable to load the SRVM HAS shared library
[PRKN-1008 : Unable to load the shared library "srvmhas10"
or a dependent library, from


Missing library "" under $ORA_CRS_HOME/lib32

Bug 4189481 Vipca/Srvctl: Prkn-1008 : Unable To Load The Shared Library "Libsrvmhas.So"

You may try following.

1. shutdown crs on both nodes.
crsctl stop crs

2. backup files under $CRS_HOME/lib
and $CRS_HOME/lib32

3. Log in as root user.

export ORACLE_HOME=xxxx/yyyy

5. cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/lib

6. make -f client_sharedlib

7. Change owner,group, permission on files genereed by 6 to oracle,
oinstall ,
755 (check files generated by checking timestamp of files).

8. Check if sybolic link pointing to
$CRS_HOME/lib/ exists under $CRS_HOME/lib as before.
If not,create one.

9. startup crs

Anyway this case you should check pacakges before.... 
So, install glibc-2*.i686.rpm and glibc-devel-2*.i386.rpm and reinstall

*** Just install glibc-2*.i686.rpm and glibc-devel-2*.i386.rpm


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