Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't want to use connect , resource roles for users

we didn't grant connect, resource roles to users.

So we revoked connect, resource from users

before we did,

we created new role, example
>create role rb_user1;

and grant some privileges
> grant create session,alter session to rb_user1;

after we granted rb_user1 role to all users.
>grant rb_user1 to test;

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HunterX said...

when we revoked connect, resource , i found some problems

user no quota each tablespaces, so can't insert data to some tables

So we checked

select * from dba_ts_quotas;
and check

select owner,table_name, tablespace_name from dba_tables;

select owner,index_name, tablespace_name from dba_indexes;


alter user test quota unlimited on tablespace_name;