Thursday, March 09, 2006

Change HTMLDB port default

port defaults are 8080 for HTTP and 2100 for FTP. problem, it same with some application.

if the package dbms_xdb is granted to PUBLIC you need DBA privileges to change the ports.

-- change HTTP port from 8080 to 8083 call

SQL> dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML(dbms_xdb.cfg_get(), '/xdbconfig/sysconfig/protocolconfig/httpconfig/http-port/text()', 8083));

-- change FTP port From 2100 to 2111 call

SQL> dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML( dbms_xdb.cfg_get(), '/xdbconfig/sysconfig/protocolconfig/ftpconfig/ftp-port/text()' , 2111));

-- refresh settings

SQL> exec dbms_xdb.cfg_refresh;


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