Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[TimesTen] No Update from Cache to RDBMS, when StandBy down

I created active standby pair with cache group write asynchonize.
When StandBy down, I found data on Timesten no update on RDBMS

When Active Down, that no auto StandBy to Active and no data on Timesten no update on RDBMS

When I ask somebody, that tell me TimesTen can't auto Active and should write script or use cluster manager to manage.

CREATE ACTIVE STANDBY PAIR ttmb_demo1 ON "master01", ttmb_demo1 ON "master02"
STORE ttmb_demo1 ON "master01" TIMEOUT 30
STORE ttmb_demo1 ON "master02" TIMEOUT 30;

master01: Active
master02: StandBy

Case 1: master02 Down
-> master don't know master02 down So, call
Timesten> call ttRepStateSave('FAILED','ttmb_demo1', 'master02');

Case 2: master01 Down
-> standby cant auto to active and don't know master01 down, So call
Timesten> call ttRepStateSet('ACTIVE');
Timesten> call ttRepStateSave('FAILED','ttmb_demo1', 'master01');

However Thank You

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