Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)

is a system-wide tracing and logging central repository.
The repository is a file-based hierarchical datastore for depositing diagnostic information,
including network tracing and logging information.

The Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) is a file-based repository for database diagnostic data such as traces,
the alert log, health monitor reports, and more. It has a unified directory structure across multiple instances and multiple products.
Beginning with Oracle Database 11g, the database, Automatic Storage Management (ASM),
and other Oracle products or components store all diagnostic data in the ADR.
Each instance of each product stores diagnostic data underneath its own ADR home directory.
For example, in an Oracle Real Application Clusters environment with shared storage and ASM,
each database instance and each ASM instance has a home directory within the ADR. ADR's unified directory structure,
consistent diagnostic data formats across products and instances, and a unified set of tools enable customers and
Oracle Support to correlate and analyze diagnostic data across multiple instances.

The goals of the fault diag:
- First-failure diagnosis
- Problem prevention
- Limiting damage and interruptions after a problem is detected
- Reducing problem diagnotic time
- Reducing problem resolution time
- Simplify customer interaction with Oracle Support

ADRCI is a command-line tool that you use to manage Oracle Database diagnostic data.
ADRCI is a command-line tool that is part of the fault diagnosability infrastructure introduced in Oracle Database Release 11g

ADRCI enables:
- Viewing diagnostic data within the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR).
- Viewing Health Monitor reports.
- Packaging of incident and problem information into a zip file for transmission to Oracle Support

$ adrci
ADRCI: Release - Beta on Wed Dec 12 12:26:00 2007
Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
ADR base = "/oracle/11g"

[Show alert]
adrci> show alert

Choose the alert log from the following homes to view:

1: diag/asm/+asm/+ASM
2: diag/rdbms/testdb/testdb
Q: to quit

Please select option:

[Show trace]

ADR base = "/oracle/11g"
adrci> show tracefile %mmon% -rt
06-DEC-07 15:57:09 diag/rdbms/testdb/testdb/trace/testdb_mmon_8742.trc


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