Thursday, January 08, 2009

Change VIP Hostname on Oracle RAC

This note is not intended as a means to change the Public or Private Hostnames themselves.  Public or Private hostnames can only be changed by removing/adding nodes, or reinstalling Oracle Clusterware.   VIP Hostnames can be changed, however.
- Check original  configuration before:
srvctl config nodeapps -n node1 -a

Assume, change from "test01-vip" to "test01-virtual"

# srvctl  config nodeapps -n test01 -a
VIP exists.: /test01-vip/
-Stop Resources instance, asm and nodeapps
srvctl stop instance -d db -i db1
srvctl stop asm -n test01
srvctl stop nodeapps -n test01

- After that change DNS or hosts file. (          test01-virtual) on this node and every nodes (RAC)

- Modify VIP hostname on nodeapps by using srvctl command-line (root user)
srvctl modify nodeapps -n [-o ] [-A

Options Description: 
-n Node name. 
-o Oracle home for the cluster software (CRS-Home). 
-A The node level VIP address (/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]]). 

$ su - 
# srvctl  modify nodeapps -n test01 -A test01-virtual/
- Start Resources  nodeapps, asm and instance
srvct start nodeapps -n test01
srvctl start asm -n test01
srvctl start instance -d db -i db1

- Don't forget to change VIP hostname on applications and client.

- Check... Check and Check..


Anonymous said...

How can I change my VIP in rac node?

Surachart said...

It depends on Oracle RAC version.
If you use 10g/11.1

check this

if you use 11.2 RAC. you have to rerun again.

check on oracle support.

I just test for GI standalone