Sunday, September 05, 2010

Compare & Synchronize Toad®for Data Analysts

Toad® for Data Analysts is a great tool from Quest Software. It's helpful to query and report on data; check features and benefits and download trial.
Toad for Data Analysts, we can:
- Gather data from any source: with a single tool that natively supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel, and all other platforms, including Teradata and Netezza, through ODBC
- Investigate data: with built-in database browsing, ER diagram, and compare and sync functionality
- Deliver data faster: through one-click data export to Excel, easy report creation and automated distribution
- Improve productivity: by simplifying, automating and scheduling repetitive tasks
then test to compare and synchronize data on Oracle:
use Wizard to help.
then choose Source/Target
then choose objects to compare
after compare then synchronize by using Wizard.
we can sync data source -> target or target -> source.
then generate script -> open script file, run or no action.
we can compare and synchronize different databases.

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