Monday, October 04, 2010

Oracle Web Services Manager book

Most organizations implement service-oriented architecture (SOA) with the hope of gaining more business agility through reuse of shared services. As reuse begins to take hold within the organization, however, it becomes critical to manage consumption of services or your SOA can quickly spin out of control. Oracle Web Services Manager provides a solution for governing the interactions with shared services through security and operational policy management and enforcement to ensure service reuse remains under control.

Web Services Manager is a component of SOA Suite.
However If we are finding out securing Web Services and using Oracle WSM to configure web services security. I mention book titles "Oracle Web Services Manager: Securing Your Web Services", written by Sitaraman Lakshminarayanan. He explains how to use Oracle WSM to address various security use cases with detailed step-by-step examples to learn Oracle Web Service Manager.

What we will learn from this book :
- Secure web services
- Use Oracle WSM to configure web services security
- Deploy Oracle WSM into production
- Leverage Oracle WSM to address the key security issues of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and authorization
- Create Custom Policy to address any new Security implementation
- Encrypt and decrypt messages
-Understand the basics of enterprise Security Web Services, SSO, and Token Service

This book released July 2008, and it's a good book for web services security. We will see 13 chapters, Sample: "Introduction to Web Services Security", "Web Services Security - Architectural Overview",... so don't miss to read it, if you are looking for securing Web Services and using Oracle WSM to configure web services security.

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