Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to start about Exadata Learning?

The foundation of the Exadata family of products is the Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Database Machine). The Database Machine is a complete and fully integrated database system that includes all the components to quickly and easily deploy any enterprise database delivering the best performance. The Exadata Storage Server (Exadata storage or Exadata cells) is used as the storage for the Oracle Database in the Database Machine and is used to grow existing Database Machine deployments.
However, I don't want to explain what is EXADATA? I'm just curious some idea: How to start about Exadata Learning?
I think someone who work as Oracle DBA need to know this answer. sure!!! Me too. If You have Exadata, It may easy for learning -)

Idea 1: Search "exadata" word on My Oracle Support, I guaratee it's useful.
Master Note for Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server [ID 1187674.1]
Exadata V2 Starter Kit [ID 1244344.1]
However, Database System on Exadata is Oracle RAC!!! we should know Oracle RAC also.
Master Note for Real Application Clusters (RAC) Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Grid Infrastructure [ID 1096952.1]
Idea 2: If no My Oracle Support, we can check on Oracle Learning Library (Exadata and Database Machine Version 2 Series)

Idea 3: Read from Blogs:
- The Oracle Instructor (by UWE HESSE)
- Kerry Osborne’s Oracle Blog
- Kevin Closson’s Oracle Blog
- Structured Data (by Greg Rahn)
- Frits Hoogland Weblog
- ocpdba oracle weblog
- Pythian Blog
- ETC ...

*** watch some Webcast also ***

Idea 4: Read on Oracle Forums

Idea 5: Buy Exadata books (check on Oracle Press ,APRESS or Amazon)

Idea 6: Study from Oracle University

Idea 7: How about your idea? I hope to hear some idea from you -)


oraclenerd said...

I try to keep this page up to date as best as possible as well. Though I hadn't looked at the Oracle Learning Library, that's a good one. I'll steal yours and you can steal mine. :)

Surachart said...

Thank You for your post.

Some command-line or script, we still read from My Oracle Support.

Arup said...

If you could wait 2 weeks, there is a new article series coming on OTN on Exadata. Don't ask me how I know; I just do :)

Surachart said...

Great. I wait it :)

Uli said...

What really helped me was reading the two excellent Exadata books

Expert Oracle Exadata

Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata

There are also some artciles in Oracle magazine