Monday, February 28, 2011

Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's guide

Oracle GoldenGate 11g delivers low-impact, real-time data acquisition, distribution, and delivery across heterogeneous systems. Using this technology, it enables cost-effective and low-impact real-time data integration and continuous availability solutions. Oracle GoldenGate offers tighter integration with Oracle technologies and applications, support for additional heterogeneous systems, and improved performance.If we have plan to learn or implement about Oracle GoldenGate and finding out some stuff, I mention book title "Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's guide" written by John P Jeffries (web). This book has 10 chapters, we will learn real-life examples how to design, install, configure and etc about Oracle GoldenGate.

What we will learn from this book :
- Deliver high-speed data replication solutions
- Implement robust Disaster Recovery solutions
- Migrate applications with no data loss or downtime
- Configure GoldenGate for High Availability and Scalability
- Troubleshoot and solve data replication problems, including Conflict Handling and Error Detection
- Write your own GoldenGate macros and enhancements
- Configure multi-target replication from a single-source database
- Configure bi-directional replication
- Report on your data throughput and latency
- Tune GoldenGate for high performance
- Learn about the advanced features and techniques that make GoldenGate the preferred choice in data replication

- Oracle GoldenGate 's web
- OTN Forums
- GoldenGate Docs

We will learn more step-by-step, see great examples, trip and trick about Oracle GoldenGate. When we need to require in implementing a data replication, migration or integration solution using GoldenGate, This is a useful book for us.
- Chapter 1: we will learn about Oracle GoldenGate Technology, He explains the capture process, the apply process and other processes. He shows GoldenGate Architecture solutions, that help us for solution idea, when we would like to design it.
- Chapter 2: He shows us How to install & prepare GoldenGate - Example: Installing GoldenGate/Configuration + Starting processes on GoldenGate. when we do it step-by-step on Examples, that will help us understand more about GoldenGate processes.
This chapter explains some subdirectories what we should know also.
- Chapter 3,4: These explain more... goldengate design + configuration and we will learn more configuration options on Chapter 5,6,7 too.
- Chapter 8,9,10 : He shows how to manage + tune performance + troubleshoot

This book helps to learn Oracle GoldenGate from Immediate to Advance (from Installing to Management it). After we read this book, we should understand more GoldenGate and be able to install, manage and tune it.


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Have you got this book in a pdf version? If so, can you please send me a copy of that, please?


For goldengate hands on implementation check out this link