Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oracle Database 11g – Underground Advice for Database Administrators by April C. Sims

What should I know to become Oracle Database Administrator? If You are newbie about Oracle DBA or would like to change job funtions as Oracle DBA. You may curious about My Question.
You can buy many books or find out more informations to help with Idea. However, I mention one book you may interest.Oracle Database 11g – Underground Advice for Database Administrators by April C. Sims (blog) @aprilcsims (Executive Editor IOUG SELECT at IOUG)
Don't mind my mention before read Sample chapter
This book used Oracle 11g for reference. It was written from experienced 10+ Years Oracle DBA when You read this book You will learn whatever, you should know for Database Administrators.If you are newbie DBA, intermediate DBA or someone who need to know what you should know and help you survival, when you work as Oracle DBA. You should read it.

This book has 8 chapters. Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: When to Step Away from the Keyboard
Chapter 2: Maintaining Oracle Standards
Chapter 3: Tracking the Bits and Bytes
Chapter 4: Achieving Maximum Uptime
Chapter 5: Data Guard and Flashback
Chapter 6: Extended RMAN
Chapter 7: Migrating to 11g: A Step-Ordered Approach
Chapter 8: 11g Tuning Tools

This book is good guide for who work as Oracle DBA, It guilds about DBA Tasks and the Real-world sample from experienced DBA (good samples), good photos (help readers easy-understand on samples). You will see sample scripts what you should use and some shell commands what you should know. This book explains about Oracle 11g features also. So, it's a good book to advice for DBA.

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