Thursday, August 18, 2011

1Z0-031 Preparation: uCertify PrepKit

1Z0-031 - "Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I", that's basic about Oracle Database 9i, that DBAs have to know. Example:
- Oracle Architectural Components
- Managing an Oracle Instance
- Managing Password Security and Resources
- Getting Started With the Oracle Server
- Creating a Database
- Managing Users
- Maintaining the Control File
- Maintaining Redo Log Files
- Managing Privilege
- Managing Tablespaces and Data files
- Storage Structure and Relationships
- Managing Roles
- Managing Tables
- Managing Indexes
- Etc

If you have not worked on Oracle 9i, That's not meaning this Exam no benefit for you. Because This Exam Topics relate to skills what Oracle DBA should know.

If you would like to take "Oracle 9i DBA OCA" Certification. You must pass "1Z0-031" also. How to prepare it? I don't just mean to exam it, But you can learn from it. When Oracle DBA (OCA) must to pass it, that means Oracle 9i DBA (OCA) should have knowledge related to Exam Topics in 1Z0-031 - "Oracle 9i Database: Fundamentals I".

What is uCertify Prepkit? It is PrepEngine that allows or a sophisticated level of customized learning. uCertify's Prepkits have numerous built-in Study Aids such as Flash Cards, Study Notes, Tagging and more. You can see many features about it.
uCertify provides a 1Z0-031 PrepKit for someone who would like to prepare a "1Z0-031 – Oracle OCA DBA9i Database: Fundamentals I" exam. Actually, It doesn't just help you pass the exam. It has many features what help you for learning. Example: Flash cards, Create a custom test, Study note and etc. So, You are planing to learn about Oracle 9i Database: Fundamentals I, this is a idea to learn also.

If you installed Free Trial version. You can test at (Diagnostic test) 15 questions. See picture!!!
You can test it... look at features!!! You can create a custom test. If You paid Full Version (1Z0-031). You can test 280 questions and 94 Study Notes. On uCertify Prepkit Full version, you will see (unlock):
- Practice test A - 50 questions
- Practice test B - 50 questions
- Practice test C - 50 questions
- Final test - 50 questions
- Adaptive test
When you feel so tired with test, test and test. You can use "Study Helper" on uCertify PrepKit, that helps for learning. You can use Flash cards... this idea is useful, that makes you easy-understand each of Exam Topics. You can choose Chapter what you interest to learn. However, In Practice test you can customize "Test Preference": Total Questions, Test Duration minutes, ..., Start test in (Test Mode, Learn Mode).
I used uCertify Prepkit. It has simple interface and easy, that is good for users. If You have no idea to use it. It's simple tool to helping you get started, to helping you step by step through the test process. It has dashboard, that makes it easy for users to get started on their learning.

I like idea Test Pass Guaranteed and readers of my blog can use discount code 'UCPREP' entitled to a 10% discount.

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