Saturday, August 13, 2011

Expert Oracle Exadata book

Oracle Exadata. I believe If you work with Oracle Products. You will hear about it. It's a good today, You can find out knowledge about it. I wrote about it also (link), but that's the simple about it.
However, If you have Exadata, You can check Exadata document at CELL(Exadata Storage) - /usr/share/doc/oracle PATH.
By the way, I got Expert Oracle Exadata book from Amazon. this book is written by
Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, Tanel Põder. Read more at Expert Oracle Exadata Blog. I interest about Technical Reviewer this book also. Kevin Closson, He helped me figure something out. In this book, I learned from his Idea also.

When you work with Oracle Exadata, You have to know about Exadata features. This book explains clearly about Offloading/Smart Scan, HCC, Storage Indexes, Exadata Smart Flash Cache, Resource Management and etc . You will learn about Cell Storage also. What I learned from this book. Many!!! example: How the Offloading work? How to read data by Smart Scan? What different between Database Smart Flash Cache and Exadata Smart Flash Cache? Hidden parameters?
Those are something what I learned and figured out. This book was written about Configure Exadata, Recovering Exadata, Exadata Wait Events, Performance Metric, Monitoring and what you should know about Exadata.

If you need Full Description.

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