Sunday, August 07, 2011

Networker : Use nsradmin fix "service mode" message

I found media tape not be able unload from drive. I solved, but found "service mode" message at drive tape.
# nsrjb
Jukebox ADIC@1.1.1: (Ready to accept commands)
drive 1 (/dev/nst0) slot : service mode
drive 2 (/dev/nst1) slot :
I could not access Networker GUI. So, I used "nsradmin" command to change.
# nsradmin
NetWorker administration program.
Use the "help" command for help, "visual" for full-screen mode.
nsradmin> . type: NSR device; name: /dev/nst0;

Current query set
nsradmin> print
type: NSR device;
name: /dev/nst0;
message: service mode;
volume name: ;
media family: tape;
media type: LTO Ultrium-3;
enabled: Service;
read only: No;
target sessions: 4;
max sessions: 512;
parent jukebox: ADIC@1.1.1;
cleaning required: No;
cleaning interval: 1 months;
date last cleaned: "Wed Jul 13 09:01:27 2011";
auto media management: No;
ndmp: No;
dedicated storage node: No;
remote user: ;
password: ;
hardware id: ;
CDI: SCSI commands;
TapeAlert Critical: Expired cleaning media;
TapeAlert Warning: ;
TapeAlert Information: ;
device serial number:

nsradmin> update enabled: Yes;

enabled: Yes;
Update? yes
updated resource id
then check again.
# nsrjb
Jukebox ADIC@1.1.1: (Ready to accept commands)
drive 1 (/dev/nst0) slot :
drive 2 (/dev/nst1) slot :
Nothing... but I learned something else, except Oracle -)

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Thanks for the solution, it worked.
you have fix where no sites has and easy.