Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Data Sessions: The Best of OSCON 2011

What is OSCON? OSCON = Open Source Convention
You can make your understanding about OSCON About OSCON.
OSCON is where all of the pieces come together: developers, innovators, businesspeople, and investors. Wow!, What do you do? I believe this convention, which suits for you. If you interest/work about Open Source Technology.

How about the Data Sessions? I believe you know/use about Relational Databases. However, you ever hear about Big Data and NoSQL as well. OSCON Data will answer you about them.
If You missed OSCON Data 2011. You can get(buy) on Oreilly... The Data Sessions: The Best of OSCON 2011 (Meet Big Data Challenges Head-On).

Video sessions include:
- Introduction to Hadoop—Tom Hanlon (Cloudera)
This video will introduce you know about Hadoop? Who should it? Idea! Should you use Hadoop? Understand Limitations of it. It shows HDFS Architecture and etc. If you never know about Hadoop before, This video will help you understand more.
- Architectural Anti-patterns for Data Handling—Gleicon Moraes (7co.cc)
- Distributed Data Analysis with Hadoop and R—Jonathan Seidman and Ramesh Venkataramaiah (both Orbitz Worldwide)
Help to understand more about Hadoop, R and etc from the real-world.
- Facebook Messages and HBase—Nicolas Spiegelberg (Facebook)
This video shows about facebook messages, cluster layout and HBase. You will learn from Facebook Messages project. What is Open Source Stack on it. Application Server and HBase on Facebook.
- Optimizing MySQL to Let People Argue—Jeremy Bingham (Dailykos.com)
Are you using MySQL ? How do you optimize it? This video will idea about Optimizing MySQL.
- Big Data for Less Dealing with Large Data Sets on a Startup’s Budget—Kate Matsudaira (SEOmoz)
-Designing and Implementing Asynchronous Distributed Systems: Challenges, Strategies, and a Million Things That Go Wrong—Scott Andreas (Boundary)
- Lumberyard: Time Series Indexing at Scale—Josh Patterson (Cloudera)
- Consistency or Bust: Breaking a Riak Cluster—Jeffery Kirkell (NOW Technologies, Inc.)
- Esperwhispering: Get Your Real-Time Data Game On—Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI)
- The Hitchhikers Guide to a Kaggle Competition (parts 1 & 2)—Krishna Sankar (Egnyte)
- What Every Data Programmer Needs to Know About Disks—Ted Dziuba (eBay)
- Hands On Mahout: Mammoth Scale Machine Learning (parts 1 & 2)—Robin Anil (Google) and Ted Dunning (MapR Technologies)

Big Data, NoSQL and whatever about Data, If You work about IT (as Developer/programmer, Architecyt, Engineer, Data Analyst, Sys Admin, IT Manager and ...). You should study about them. If you are looking Big Data solution. This videos(OSCON Data: Tom Hanlon (Cloudera), Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI), Robin Anil (Google), Nicolas Spiegelberg (Facebook), and many others.) can help you.

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