Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just do something... or don't do anything

It's cloudy day in Bangkok. I just sat around, thought and planed to do something. Yes! I hope I can think and do something new. Actually It's a lot.

Anyway, My friend asked me, he would like to build some group about APEX. I know a bit for it. However, it's good idea to develop group about it and be able to share with thai people who are interested. So, I told him to create it, do it - THAI ORACLE APEX USER GROUP. I joined and hope I can help something whatever i know.

I thought about how to develop group... blah blah, just some group(s). If we need contributor. It's not easy in Thailand. Because people shy to share and think so much.

However, I hope this group will be developed and make value back to thai people who are interested about APEX.

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