Saturday, January 05, 2013

Strata Conference New York + Hadoop World 2012: Complete Video Compilation

Strata offers the informations of building a data driven business, product or career. You will see conferences, webcasts, books and etc. If you work with data... there is helpful. I meant informations what you can catch.
Strata Conference New York + Hadoop World 2012 was interesting. Audiences could see many sessions: keynotes and tutorials. Unfortunately, you missed or couldn't this conference. You can buy the Complete Video Compilation - Strata Conference New York + Hadoop World 2012: Complete Video Compilation Tools and Techniques That Make Data Work By O'Reilly Media, Inc.
You will see videos over 106 hours 53 minutes. You can watch every session in the conference. You will learn lots of tutorials. For example: Communicating Data Clearly, A Hands-on Introduction to Cross-disciplinary Analytics With Python, An Introduction to Hadoop, Testing Hadoop Applications, Using HBase, Eating at the Trough of Disillusionment,Designing Data Visualizations Workshop and etc.
A lot of presentations from speakers or companies who have experience with hadoop and how to collect and use their data successfully.

Topics and themes including:
  • Business and industry
  • Data science
  • Hadoop: case studies
  • Hadoop tools and technologies
  • Visualization and interfaces
I believe this material is useful and  give many ideas for you and some people who are interested in big data, data science and hadoop.

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