Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Developing with Couchbase Server By MC Brown

I had a chance to install CouchBase (Learned Couchbase - Just installed it). I definitely believe it's easy for installation and you can learn by yourself.
As you know, CouchBase Server is a NoSQL document database for interactive applications that has a flexible data model, is easily scalable, provides consistently high performance, and is “always on”, 24*7*365.
For developers, you can use Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, C and Python. However, you should know how to connect CouchBase, how to store and retrieve the information
from the database and etc. So, I mention book - Developing with Couchbase Server Building Scalable, Flexible Database-Based Applications By MC Brown.
You will learn how to build web applications with CouchBase Server 2.0, Help for idea to choose a client library for Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, or C.
[surachart@centos ~]$ cat test.rb
require 'rubygems'
require 'couchbase'

client = Couchbase.connect(:bucket => "default",
                           :host => "localhost")
v_name = client.get("surachart")
puts "#{v_name['name']}"
[surachart@centos ~]$ ruby test.rb
Surachart Opun
  • Learn about Couchbase Server’s cluster-based architecture and how it differs from SQL databases
  • Choose a client library for Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, or C, and connect to a cluster
  • Structure data in a variety of formats, from serialized objects, a stream of raw bytes, or as JSON documents
  • Learn core storage and retrieval methods, including document IDs, expiry times, and concurrent updates
  • Create views with map/reduce and learn Couchbase mechanisms for querying and selection

Although this book have only about 150 pages, It will aid you to understand how to use client libraries and develop them with CouchBase 2.0. You will get idea about View also. I believe a book will help you basic to develop with CouchBase. If you are looking for a book. Good idea to get this one.

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