Monday, May 20, 2013

Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts By Thomas Eisenmann

I wanted to read a new book for new idea. Maybe, it's about something startup. Yes! For something new, that's a good idea. I chose to read "Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts" book By Thomas Eisenmann. This book, Harvard Business School Professor Tom Eisenmann annually compiles the best posts from many blogs on technology startup management. You’ll find 72 posts from successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, such as Fred Wilson, Steve Blank, Ash Maurya, Joel Spolsky, and Ben Yoskovitz. Wow! that's very very cool.

Topics in a book, including:
- Management tasks: Engineering, product management, marketing, sales, and business development
- Organizational issues: Cofounder tensions, recruiting, and career planning
- Funding: The latest developments in capital markets that affect startups

Anyway, You don't need to read from chapter 1 to last chapter, you are able to choose which chapter or area you want to read. It has 13 areas for you.
- Lean Startup
- Business Models
- Customer Discovery and Validation
- Marketing: Demand Generation and Optimization
- Sales, Marketing, and PR Management
- Product Management/Product Design
- Business Development and Scaling
- Funding Strategy
- Company Culture, Organizational Structure, Recruiting, and Other HR Issues
- Startup Failure
- Exiting by Selling Your Company
- The Startup Mindset and Coping with Startup Pressures
- Management and Career Advice

I believe a book useful for entrepreneurs and who are interested in the management of technology startups. A book will give you more idea and vision. Contents in a book likes a clue for you.

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