Thursday, June 27, 2013

Start to learn Oracle Database 12c

After I got up yesterday morning, I read news and found Oracle Database 12c is out. I felt surprised...
Actually, I was supposed to post more about it, Like how to install, perform it or something like that, but i believe there have many contents and resources on the internet or Oracle website.

When you are interested in Oracle Database12c... You might begin to read on Oracle site. Too much for resources... because Oracle has prepared them over year. After you got idea about new features... you're able to download and read Document. And... Learn More ...You will be able read more something relate to Oracle Database 12c.

By the way, If you feel. Wow! resource too much for learning. How to start? just Download/Install Oracle Database 12c and learn from Oracle Learning Library!

I think you might get some bugs! share on Forums.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Surachart, some fresh links there too! Here


I've been adding links from the community on as well. 37 articles and 2 videos thus far!