Monday, July 01, 2013

Relational Theory for Computer Professionals A Hands-On Video Workshop

Last time, I reviewed  Relational Theory for Computer Professionals What Relational Databases Are Really All About By C.J. Date. It's a great book, but might be difficult for beginner or who has not worked about Database. Anyway, I had a chance to review Relational Theory for Computer Professionals A Hands-On Video Workshop.

This video is useful too much. It helps for learning and be able to watch again and again. Readers can use this video with "Relational Theory for Computer Professionals" book. I believe audiences will enjoy with watching and practices, they will find questions and answers after finishing each topic.
You will get benefit from this video, if you are someone who wants to understand what relational systems are all about?. In video, You will learn how to see database systems as programming systems.get more detailed definition of the relational model and detailed analysis of SQL from a relational point of view.

C.J. Date has a stature that is unique within the database industry. C.J. is a prolific writer, and is well-known for his best-selling textbook: An Introduction to Database Systems (Addison Wesley). C.J. is an exceptionally clear-thinking writer who can lay out principles and theory in a way easily understood by his audience.

After watching video, It helped me understand each topic for "what relational systems are all about" easily. In video, you will see 2 parts
Part 1: Foundation - much more details about Relations, Rational Operations, Key, Foreign Keys, Constraints and etc. You will learn about Transactions as well.
Part 2: SQL - SQL Tables, Operators and etc.

Structure of presentation in video:
1. Basic database concepts
2. Relations
3. Keys and foreign keys
4. Relational operations I
5. Relational operations II
6. Constraints and predicates
7. The relational model
** Entr' acte
8. SQL tables
9. SQL operators I
10. SQL operators II
11. SQL constraints
12. SQL vs. the relational model
A. References

If you have a " Relational Theory for Computer Professionals" book, you should have this video. If you don't have a book. You should start with this video.

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