Saturday, November 09, 2013

Accumulo - Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices

The NSA started building Accumulo in 2008 and used the Google Big Table architecture as a starting point. Accumulo is NoSQL database that is a simple key/value data store. BTW, Accumulo joined the Apache community in 2011.
Why Accululo is interesting? Security! It's developed from the BigTable data model and implemented a security mechanism known as cell-level security. Every key-value pair has its own security label, stored under the column visibility element of the key, which is used to determine whether a given user meets the security requirements to read the value. Wow!

If you are looking for a book which is written about it. I believe a book title - Accumulo Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices By Michael Wall, Aaron Cordova, Billie Rinaldi. It is written by Authors who know/spend time with Accumulo. Anyway, It's pity for now. It's still Early Release ebook, because this book has undergone a careful vetting process with the U.S. government to ensure that classified or proprietary information has not been revealed. 

What should you learn from this book?
  •     Get a high-level introduction on what Accumulo has to offer
  •     Take a rapid tour through single- and multiple-node installations, data ingest, and query
  •     Learn how to write Accumulo applications for several use cases, based on examples
  •     Dive into Accumulo internals, including information not available in the documentation
  •     Get detailed information for installing, administering, tuning, and measuring performance
  •     Learn best practices based on successful implementations in the field
  •     Find answers to common questions that every new Accumulo user asks
What did I learn after read this book? In Early Release version, it has 2 chapters for now.
I believe before you will start with Accumulo book. You should know about Hadoop and Zookeeper a bit. In a book, that's not tell you to install/use Hadoop and Zookeeper. For me, I could start with it as simple. A book gave me for idea and what I should know about Accumulo. In Chapter 2, It gave idea to write application. You should know about JAVA! However, on Accumulo (1.5 & 1.4.4)... you can Thrift Proxy! So, you can write application with Python, Ruby, C++, etc.
Learned a bit - ACCUMULO
I felt excited for waiting to read more -:) I hope I will get much more idea over Accumulo document.

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