Saturday, March 29, 2014

Java Cookbook 3rd Edition

Java is a programming language and computing platform. There are lots of applications and websites have used it. About latest Java version, Java 8. Oracle announced Java 8 on March 25, 2014. I mention a book title - Java CookbookJava Cookbook by  Ian F. Darwin and this book covers Java 8.
 It isn't a book for someone who is new (Readers should know a bit about syntax to write Java) in Java, but It is a book that will help readers learn from real-world examples. Readers or some people who work in Java developments, that can use this book like reference or they can pick some example to use with their work. In a book, Readers will find 24 chapters - "Getting Started: Compiling, Running, and Debugging", "Interacting with the Environment", "Strings and Things", "Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions", "Numbers", "Dates and Times - New API", "Structuring Data with Java", "Object-Oriented Techniques", "Functional Programming Techniques:Functional Interfaces, Streams,Spliterators, Parallel Collections", "Input and Output", "Directory and Filesystem Operations", "Media: Graphics, Audio, Video", "Graphical User Interfaces", "Internationalization and Localization", "Network Clients", "Server-Side Java", "Java and Electronic Mail", "Database Access", "Processing JSON Data", "Processing XML", "Packages and Packaging", "Threaded Java", "Reflection, or “A Class Named Class”", "Using Java with Other Languages".

Each example is useful for learning and practice in Java programming. Everyone can read and use it, just know a bit about Java programming. Anyway, I suggest Readers should know basic with Java programming before start with this book.

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