Sunday, May 04, 2014

start python learning with "Introduction to Python"

Python is programming language, that supports object-oriented, imperative and functional programming. The key is its simplicity, easy language to learn and easy moving code from development to production more quickly. It's power tool to use with Big Data. So, I believe it's a good time to learn about Python programming language.
You can find many resources about it on the Internet. I started to learn about Python by watching "Introduction to Python" By Jessica McKellar. It's good  learning video help to start with Python.
It gives a lot of examples for Python and easy to learn. If you would like to start Python programming by your owner, starting with this and learn:
- Set up a development environment with Python and a text editor
- Explore basic data types such as integers, strings, lists, and dictionaries
- Learn how looping lets you do lots of work with a little bit of code
- Gain access to more functionality in Python with modules
- Practice reading, writing, and running your first Python programs
- Navigate the command line for writing larger programs
- Write your own functions for encapsulating useful work
- Use classes to group, name, and reuse functions and variables
- Practice what you’ve learned with the state capitals quizzer and Scrabble cheater projects
You are supposed to learn and get what are necessary for Python beginning by video course.
During study, you can follow up practice at link.

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