Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Oracle Support on Firefox

I often use Oracle Support (Flash) to find out knowledges and oracle bugs. I use Firefox version 3.6

and see blank or... on right frame.

I have to click "Right" and then choose "Open Item in New Window"


Or Click some...Not Sure what wrong???
However... click "Right" and then choose "Open Item in New Window" help me -)


Marko Sutic said...

Hi Surachart,

I'm experiencing same issue with FF 3.6 :/

This annoys me, but what can I do... maybe new FF upgrade/patch will fix this.


Surachart said...

yes... I hope this'll fix soon.


Anonymous said...

"Not Sure what wrong???"

It's My Oracle Support...that's what is wrong !!

My Oracle Support has been a total waste since it's been launched !!

Surachart said...

Thank You...
But Good Luck - I can click "Right" and then choose "Open Item in New Window"


Anonymous said...

Unbreakable Oracle. What a joke.! I've been trying to login to MOS since early this morning and the site either keeps crashing or won't load. Almost makes me want to use Bill Gates's products :o( Come on Larry sort it out - I feel my companies annual maintenance fees are way over the top if there is little or no access to the web support!

Surachart said...

I used IE... but load (flash) very slowly -)

Ittichai Chammavanijakul said...

Having the same issue too. That's why I'm using instead.

Surachart said...

Thank You for comment. and

I like, that's helpful to find out knowledges -)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this hint. It will prove very helpful.