Monday, February 01, 2010

Oracle 11g Streams Implementer's Guide Book

Oracle Streams enables the propagation and management of data, transactions and events in a data stream either within a database, or from one database to another. We can learn Oracle Streams Concepts & Administration from Oracle Docs.

I mention a book titled Oracle 11g Streams Implementer's Guide written by Ann L. R. McKinnell, Eric Yen. They have combined their experience of working. They wrote 9 chapters, Example: Plot Your Course: Design Considerations, Prepare the Rafts and Secure Your Gear: The pre-work before configuring Oracle 11g Streams and ... (Table of Contents)

This book is a excellent tutorial for the Design and the Implementation Oracle Streams. We can find out Oracle Streams Concepts from Oracle Docs, But this book gives us know what before start building.

If Someone will be implementing Oracle Streams, who should read this book before. I believe this book is helpful.

What we will learn from this book:
- Clear, concise explanations of Oracle Streams components and concepts
- Up-front design considerations and techniques – know what you need BEFORE you start building
- Configure both Source and Target databases to support Streams capture, propagation, and apply processes
- Set up a Single-Source Configuration using the Enterprise manager DB Console to divert flow in one direction and apply its concepts to a multi-master, or N-Way Replication environment configuration
- Solidify your Streams concepts through basic implementation examples that can then be applied to more complicated systems
- Learn about popular advanced features of Oracle Streams including Subsetting, Tags, Rules, and Rule based transformations
- Discover effective and efficient troubleshooting techniques and tools

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