Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First time with Oracle Database Cloud Service

I got email about database (Oracle Database Cloud Service - Trial). Wow! that's cool for me. I have something new to test and learn a bit. After i activated. I went through "Service Home".

Firstly, I signed in by using Username, Password and Identity domain that I got from email.

Then, I had to change my password and set hints. questions :)

After that, I saw new page... there is APEX 4.1. OK! then what am I supposed to do then? I remembered I saw "Cloud Connections" on Oracle SQL Developer.

So, I started with creating new user by adding it in "SQL Developer" User Group.

Then, I tested connection from Oracle SQL Developer.
Username (Database): new user, that I have created from APEX page.
URL (Database): Service Home, that I got from Email.

Username (SFTP): User SFTP from email.
Hostname (SFTP): Secure FTP Site, I got from email as well.

After I set connection, then connected to Oracle Cloud:) There is above picture.

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