Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer

What is Hadoop? Read hadoop.apache.org url, that will help you understand more about it.
I am just thinking about the future. We can not avoid it, why? If you keep up to date about IT news. You will see lots of enterprises, they have been implementing it and new products on market have been using Hadoop.
By the way, I am writing this post to mention book tittle - Hadoop Operations A Guide for Developers and Administrators By Eric Sammer
There was written about how to operate the Hadoop. In this book, readers will see 11 chapters and learn about Hadoop architecture, get idea for Hardware selection and etc. After readers read a book, they should be able to understand more about HDFS, MapReduce, planning for Hadoop Cluster, installation and configuration. Topics in a book are difficult more a bit, but Author writes them more interesting and easy to read. If readers read this book and would like to work on Hadoop environment, this book is useful. It will guide readers how to work.  

When I read this book - It's definitely a good book to guide readers to install, configure and maintain  Hadoop. However, this book is just the guideline. Readers still have to find out more and spend more time with Hadoop. Because, Some chapters explain much more and very helpful for readers, but some chapter will guide readers for idea only.
However, If readers are looking some book to guide and be useful about Hadoop. This book can be your answer. Something, I like in this book. Readers will learn from good examples and ideas from Author. 

With layout in this book, it's a quite good. It helps reader to read easy, Pictures and examples in book are properly arranged.

About Author: Eric Sammer (@esammer) is currently a Principal Solution Architect at Cloudera where he helps customers plan, deploy, develop for, and use Hadoop and the related projects at scale. His background is in the development and operations of distributed, highly concurrent, data ingest and processing systems. He's been involved in the open source community and has contributed to a large number of projects over the last decade.

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