Sunday, December 15, 2013

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning - BETA 2 - Connect SQL Developer with pdb_admin

I didn't write about setting SQL Developer to connect PDB. I just tested connection by using SQL Developer with pdb_admin. As you know - The PDB_ADMIN user in newly created PDBs has SYSDBA system privilege so it can fully manage the PDB.
SQL> conn / as sysdba
SQL> alter session set container=pdb1;

Session altered.

SQL> alter user pdb_admin identified by password;

User altered.

SQL> connect pdb_admin/password@test12c/pdb1
SQL> show user;
How to connect "pdb1" through SQL Developer? Set it on SQL Developer?... Actually Users can download xml file on  Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning web.
After downloaded, A User import xml file on SQL Developer as example.

Now! pdb_admin user is able to connect PDB1 through SQL Developer.

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